Web Presence

I help with the design, setup and content of websites, particularly for small businesses, including Facebook and Twitter integration. Goldstream Bicycles is an ongoing project. Ten years in and around the bike industry makes that a particular specialty. Consultation includes assessing your needs and helping streamline the best web and social media presence for your goals.


I do structural and content editing primarily: I look at a project for theme, plot holes, linguistic consistency, and characterization. Projects have included editing web content, copyediting and proofreading for both Island Writer and a now-defunct speculative fiction literary magazine, and academic content editing. A Liberal Arts foundation sets me up to work with multiple academic subject areas and adapt them to a broader readership and ten years in the bicycle industry helps with technical writing in that area.


I have a varied and sometimes unexpected skill set. Projects in 2017 have included a marketing plan for PursuedPyBear and doing layout for a book of poetry and etchings. Best of all, if I can’t help you with your project, I will do my best to direct you to someone who can.


Rates for all services are $40 an hour.